Three Ways To Use Weightlifting Chains

If you're getting into strength training and are excited about using weights beyond traditional barbells and dumbbells, there are all sorts of options to consider. While you might favor using traditional free weights for the bulk of your exercises, a couple sets of weightlifting chains can also be an option to think about. These heavy chains are available at many gyms, and you'll see them in several different weights. There are many different ways that you can incorporate your weightlifting chains into a workout. Here are three exercises in which you can use these chains.

Bench Press

The bench press is an exercise that can help you to strengthen several muscles in your upper body, including your chest, shoulders, and arms. If you have a bench, stand, and bar with weight plates that you use for this popular exercise, it's easy to incorporate weightlifting chains into the workout. Many people do so simply by hanging one chain over each end of the bar. Of course, if you want to further increase the resistance, you can add two chains over each end. Each time that you lift the bar and its weight plates, you'll also be lifting the weight of the chains.


The squat is another popular exercise in virtually any strength-training regimen, given its ability to help you increase the strength of your legs. People often perform weighted squats with a bar that is loaded with weight plates. If you want to increase the resistance of each rep, you can do so with a pair of weightlifting chains. All that you'll do is hang one chain over each end of the bar—similar to what you'd do for the bench press exercise—before you begin your squats.


Many people perform push-ups as part of their workout regimen to improve their upper-body strength. This exercise can be challenging on its own, but those who are keen on developing muscle faster will often incorporate some form of resistance. Weightlifting chains can be useful for a set of push-ups. Typically, you'll drape a length of chain over your back or shoulders. This means that each time you straighten your arms to lift your body off the ground, you're also lifting the weight of the chain. If needed, you can even add a second chain over your back during this exercise. As you add weightlifting chains to these and other exercises, you'll start to build more strength.

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