Just Picking Up Archery? Avoid These Four Common Beginner Mistakes

If you are just starting to pick up archery, make sure that you avoid the four common beginner mistakes that seem to plague most new athletes who take up the sport. Mistake #1: Failing To Follow Through One of the biggest mistakes that new archery students make is failing to follow through when they take a shot with their bow and arrow. Just like with sports like basketball and soccer, the follow through is necessary to ensure that the arrow hits its intended target. Read More 

2 Common Weightlifting Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Weightlifting is a popular pastime for many people. Whether it is to achieve the perfect physique, to build strength for athletic competition, or just to keep healthy, weightlifting can be a rewarding and enjoyable activity. However, if it is not done correctly, weightlifting can be dangerous and cause injury. Most weightlifting injuries are due to either poor technique, or attempting to lift more weight than you can handle. As a result, it is important to understand how you can avoid these injuries to keep yourself fit and healthy. Read More 

What To Look For When Shopping For A Fitness Club

Exercise not only plays an important role in increasing a person's energy and overall health, but it also works to combat a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. The Cleveland Clinic lists working out as a way to prevent cardiovascular disease, while WebMD discusses the ability of exercise to slow down and stop the progression of type 2 diabetes. When you're ready to begin getting in the best shape possible, it is important to shop around and find the fitness club that has what you're looking for. Read More 

Exercise Styles To Build Healthy Abs And Pelvis For Delivery When Pregnant

There are many reasons to exercise while pregnant, from experiencing less constipation than mothers-to-be who don't work out to delivering healthier-sized babies (while you yourself gain less weight throughout your pregnancy). Certain exercise styles are especially great for helping build up your abs and pelvic floor for delivery so everything goes more smoothly and you can feel more comfortable. Here are just a couple of the types of exercises you can start doing now to put your body in excellent condition for delivering your sweet baby. Read More 

Tips To Help You Stay Motivated To Lose Weight And Tone Up Your Body

If you would like to lose a few pounds and tone up your body, but find that it is difficult to remain motivated, try the following tips. If any or all of them work for you, you will be well on your way to reaching your goal. Enroll In A Fitness Group With A Friend Ask one of your close friends if they would like to join a fitness group with you. Read More