Best Weight Loss Exercises For Obese People

When people have 15 or 20 pounds to lose, it's easy to hit the gym hard and start exercising. When people have 75 or 100 pounds to lose, things get much more difficult. Obesity puts pressure on the knees and feet, overworks the heart, and makes it difficult to breathe during cardio. The struggles tend to overwhelm people and cause them to quit before they see any results. If you're trying to figure out how to lose the weight without hurting yourself, here are some exercises that are great for those who are obese.


People who don't have much weight to lose can push their bodies further. It takes a higher impact workout for their heart rate to raise and give them a good workout. When you're obese, your heart rate will rise more easily during exercise. It's important to start with a low-impact workout and keep your heart rate in a safe range. If you have trouble calculating your heart rate, it's a good idea to invest in a heart rate monitor. You also want to take some of that weight off before trying to run and putting even more stress on your ankles and knees.

Walking is a great way to start and keep you from becoming discouraged. Start with a ten-minute walk around your neighborhood. After a few days, up it to a 15-minute walk. Add five minutes every few days until you're walking about a mile each day.

Strength Training

Skipping the strength training is a common mistake that overweight people make. They think it's pointless until they take a lot of their weight off. Weight training is never pointless. While you might be too big to see muscle definition, you're still building your muscles. Building lean muscle will increase your metabolism and allow you to burn more calories at rest.

Strength training is also great for your posture. Being overweight can cause posture problems because you walk, sit, and stand a little differently to help support the extra weight. Building the muscles that have been ignored over time will promote better posture and reduce your pain in your daily life and while exercising.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is often recommended for people who are overweight or have chronic pain. The water takes a lot of pressure off of your body and allows you to work out more comfortably. You can try some underwater jogging and other low-impact cardio by yourself in the pool. Many gyms also offer water aerobics classes that you can sign up for throughout the week.

Thin isn't everything but healthy is. It's important to lose weight if you are obese. Start out slow and do the best you can. You'll see the pounds start coming off after some added exercise. You can push yourself further as you begin to get into better shape. For more information, talk to a physician weight loss center.