Three Tips For Pole Dancing Safety

Pole dancing is a type of workout that has caught on quickly due to the fact that it gets women in phenomenal shape, while also providing self-esteem benefits. Inspired by exotic dancers, these workouts build total body strength and coordination, while making participants feel sexy and youthful. Since this type of workout is very acrobatic, you need to practice some safety tips while engaging in your pole dancing fitness routines. Follow these three pole dance safety tips so that you can keep enjoying your workout without hurting yourself.

Get A Mat And A Good Spotter

Before engaging in any pole dancing routine, make sure that you purchase and install a good crash mat. This is especially important if you're brand new to the workout. This can prevent bruises, broken bones and other injuries that are very possible when performing pole dance maneuvers. If you are still fairly new to pole dancing, you should always bring along a good spotter. Master the moves in a professional studio class setting first, and if you have your own pole dancing setup at home, ask a classmate if they can spot you until you have mastered the moves to your comfort levels.

Buy Pole Dancing Shoes With Plenty Of Grip

In terms of your apparel, never engage in a pole dancing routine without purchasing a high-quality set of pole dancing shoes. You can make sure that they're attractive and in the form of heels or stilettos, but never purchase a set of shoes unless they have high-quality grip to keep you stable and secure on the pole. There are plenty of brands now that specialize in pole fitness shoes, so find out your size for a comfortable fit and never begin a routine without them.

Purchase The Best Pole

When you want to buy your own pole, there are some tips that you should follow. First and foremost, be sure to purchase the proper-sized dance pole for your home. Get a professional to measure the height of your ceiling for an accurate installation. Install the pole on smooth ceilings only, as ceilings with texture can create a loose pole installation and also damage your ceiling. Feel free to express yourself with a custom-built pole with features that will create an entire ambience for your home. Taking the right amount of time to get a proper installation will make the pole safer overall. 

Follow these tips so that your pole dancing activity is safe and sound.