Details To Check When You Buy Used Dumbbells

Adding some dumbbells to your collection of fitness equipment will allow you to build your strength in a variety of ways. Dumbbells are one of the most versatile types of equipment available, and while they're synonymous with helping you to build your chest, arms, shoulders, and back, holding them while performing lower-body exercises can also help you to build these muscles. New dumbbells can be expensive, so looking for a retailer that carries a selection of used fitness gear can allow you to buy several dumbbells without breaking your budget. Here are some details to check when you shop for used dumbbells.

Sand Dumbbells

Sand dumbbells are common to find on the used market. These are dumbbells that come in many different weights, which they get from sand packed inside of them. Often, the exterior of this type of dumbbell is made of plastic. When you're looking at used weights, thoroughly inspect them to ensure that there aren't any cracks in the plastic. Even a small crack could allow sand to escape. This would not only make a mess, but it would also reduce the mass of the weight. Don't be afraid to run your hands over the surface of each dumbbell you pick up so that you can see if there are any grains of sand on your fingers. If they're clean, you've found a dumbbell that is worth buying.

Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells get their name from the hexagonal shape of their weights. Many fitness enthusiasts like this style of dumbbell because it doesn't roll away when they set it down — something that can happen with dumbbells that have circular weights. Hex dumbbells are often made of cast iron, which makes them durable. If the previous owner of the dumbbells banged them together during certain exercises, the weights could be chipped. Carefully inspect each of the hex dumbbells to make sure that they aren't chipped or cracked.

Vinyl-Coated Dumbbells

Vinyl-coated dumbbells are typically light in weight; many people hold these dumbbells while performing aerobics, for example. There are a couple of things to check when you're buying used vinyl-coated weights. You want to ensure that no part of the vinyl coating is split open. Even small tears can increase in size over time. You should also assess the feel of each of these weights. Some vinyl-coated dumbbells have a textured surface for improved grip. You want to buy weights that haven't been excessively used to the point that they're slippery.

If you're considering buying used fitness equipment, talk to a local exercise equipment supplier today.