What Is Body Composition Analysis?

When striving toward a fitness goal, it's important to keep track of your progress using objective metrics. You see yourself in the mirror every day, so it can be hard to notice fat gain or loss through sight alone. Some people use weight as a metric of health. Unfortunately, weight isn't a good indicator of your overall fitness because muscle weighs more than fat. A very fit person may be heavier than someone in poorer condition, and a simple scale wouldn't differentiate between muscle and fat.

Body composition analysis can help you get accurate information about your overall health. By measuring the amount of muscle mass, bone, and fat in your body, you can get a clear picture of your overall fitness level. Here are four things you should know about body composition analysis:

1. It can give you an accurate snapshot of your progress.

Checking your progress can keep you motivated on your fitness journey. Seeing your fat percentage decrease while your muscle mass increases can be highly satisfying. Instead of trusting inaccurate scales that only offer part of the information you need, visit a body composition analysis center where you can see exactly what your body is made of.

2. It can teach you about your bone health.

Body composition analysis can also detect bone density. This is an especially important feature for women who are at greater risk for developing osteoporosis. Detecting low bone density at an early stage can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes you need to correct it. Increasing your calcium intake and performing more weight-bearing exercises will strengthen your bones so you can prevent osteoporosis.

3. It can map your body changes over time.

A single body composition analysis can give you a snapshot of your body at the present moment in time. However, bodies are not static. They are living, changing things, especially when people are on fitness journeys. If you're trying to lose body fat or gain muscle, you should visit a body composition analysis center at regular intervals. Regular analyses can help you keep moving in the right direction.

4. It can help you maintain healthy body composition.

Body composition analysis can be an effective tool that helps people maintain good health. Keeping track of your fitness levels can help you prevent unwanted fat gain. Keeping your body fat percentage at healthy levels can prevent diseases like diabetes and heart disease.